Hearts from Heaven

Since the untimely passing of my father in July of 2014, I’ve had so many signs that he’s with me, that I have gone almost a whole two months without crying about missing him.

I am still very sad.  It’s weird because I KNOW he wouldn’t want me to be sad, and I know it probably makes him sad that I’m sad, so I try hard to not be.  Lol.

He used to be in my dreams a lot.  Then I was rebellious to him a couple times, and it’s been a long stretch where he hasn’t been in my dreams.  I figure it’s a message, because we got into an argument about the Bible.  I told him I’d read it, and I still haven’t sat down and done so.  I mean I’ve read Proverbs, and I open it now and again and read a line or two, but he clearly wants me to study it.

Anyway, daily, he sends me hearts. Sometimes very subtle ones that only last a second, in the sky, in the water, on the floor, on the window, on the carpet, on the driveway, etc. It always makes me smile.

Today was very interesting though, and how I wish I had my phone on me or my camera charged and ready so this could sound less crazy and weird, but alas, you will have to take my word for it.

Our geriatric dog has some issues, one is a hacking cough he gets when he drinks water too fast.  Sometimes he throws up a little, but not always.  Today he did that, and because he had done that both of my kids avoided walking that way in their bare feet.  I went to get a paper towel (also in bare feet) and dropped it on the puddle.  I then noticed a nasty looking shard of glass that was right next to the paper towel and could have easily ruined the day for everyone.  I picked it up and threw it away, and explained to Rory that it was probably Grandpa protecting us.  When I returned from the garbage I looked at the paper towel and the puddle had made an image that looked like a hand showing a peace sign.  Anyone that knows my Dad knew that was a favorite of his!  I stood there stunned for a few seconds as the image then grew larger and appeared to look exactly like a human heart, instead of the usual heart shapes I see.

That was my Dad.  I’m so glad he reassures me daily, that there is life after death, that he will always look out for me, and that love never, ever dies.