Waitressing Nightmares

I awoke this morning in a cold sweat – I had been reliving my version of Hell in dreamland again.  I arrive at a restaurant, someone hands me an apron and an order book, and sends me into the dining room – which, of course is full to capacity with customers who are angry, impatient and waiting for service.

I don’t know anything about the menu, what drinks are available, even if the place carries Coke or Pepsi.  I have no section, and no coworkers, I’m alone and I need to do all the jobs – the serving, the bartending, the cooking, the dishes…

Sometimes, I can’t move – like my feet are cemented to the floor.  The customers start yelling at me, some walk out, everyone is angry.  Last night, a new twist in the awful saga, it was a circular restaurant, and I would make it all the way around, taking drink orders, and by the time I’d get back to the tables with their drinks or whatever, they’ve walked out and there are new people at the tables.  It was awful.  I wish my dream self could shirk my “responsibilities” and just walk out of that mythical restaurant from Hell, but I never can!!!!

I’ve been reading a lot about what happens when we die.  I’ve also been watching an addicting show called American Horror Story, and a common theme showed up at the end of the season, that Hell is what your brain cooks up – well, in that case, if I’m to do penance for whatever transgressions I may or may not remember, I’ll be a waitress on the other side, and a bad one at that.

I’m curious to know if any of my server friends (past and present servers) have these terrible dreams.  Let me know if you do, and what variations there are.