Unsolicited Advice from Raymond B. Hughes

Some of this advice he gave me personally, some was paraphrased from his journal, and some are direct quotes from his journal.  Enjoy!

1. Take Vitamin C every day – as much as you can.
2. Do what you have to do, when you have to do it.
3. Don’t be stupid.
4. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.
5. Do not put stickers on your car that would indicate you like the Grateful Dead, for you WILL get pulled over, you will be profiled.
6. Try hard to be nicer.
7. Never steal anything.
8. Never use the Lord’s name in vain – he has nothing to do with your problem, your problem or mishap was due to your free will.
9. “Focus is a grand concept and necessary to accomplish life’s tasks, goals, get it done. Get on with things.” “Get at it, get it done. No excuses.”
10. Help one another, with whatever you have. “As we learn to help one another, we enrich our own lives.”
11. “Learn to love!”
12. “Being a true friend means that you want the best possible for someone else, and being totally glad, joyful, for that person when and if they attain what is best for them. You don’t covet what they have, you don’t wonder what’s in it for you.”
14. Pay attention!
15. See beauty in everything.
16. Be aware of and thankful for your blessings.
17. Meditate.
18. “Isolation is complex. Not any different from self indulgence. It’s self-centeredness. Independence is good, isolation is not.”
19. Promises are to live by, and never be broken.
20. Get over it.
21. Walk it off.
22. Forgive.
23. “We have limited time. While here, help, serve, heal, yada.”
24. For the good of all should be your mission.
25. Go beyond the expected.
26. Nobody said anything was going to be easy.
27. Give up things that waste time.
28. “Be prepared to worry about others’ feelings, territory, all in all their presence. Well learned we can improve ourselves to live in God’s will.”
29. “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand.”
30. “Disinterest in anything other than personal satisfaction is a mess.”
31. Remember God is everywhere, act accordingly.
32. “Knowing God’s timetable would be futile. We should live every moment as if He is right around the corner.”
33. “If you take something on, you should care for it endlessly – follow up care is the important part.”
34. “Knowing what the world consists of, people. Each person is a nation. Peace is personal. Anger is everywhere.”
35. “Rest is more important than pleasure.”

Though he didn’t follow all of his own written advice…he would want you to. Peace be with you, one and all.

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