Twenty Minutes

Yesterday I had a meeting at 8:00 am in Youngstown with Andy Rooney’s doppleganger.  What made me think I could pull it off (with both kids) and make it to work on time is beyond me.  I was late getting started, even though I was up way earlier than usual worrying about the meeting – couldn’t find the office, and was as a result 20 minutes late (I had to work at 9).  The meeting was with a gentleman that is going to help my friend and I start a small business.

We were talking and he was taking notes, when suddenly, the office filled up with a terrible stench.  Guess who decided to fill his diaper?  (The Andy Rooney lookalike guy is not the answer).  I’m apologizing for the stench, trying to wrap up the meeting, trying to make my children settle down and hoping to make it to my job on time.  None of those things worked.

We jump in the car and I call work, but no one answers – that’s weird.  I call again, still no one answers, but I attempt to leave a message and the answering machine cuts me off.  I call back and still, no one answers!!  I leave a fast message that I’ll be late and I TRY to speed off, but I’m on a college campus, and it is deluge time – the students are clogging the streets and it is right before that famous 9:00 class.

I finally am on the road and speeding again, even though I got a ticket two days ago (74 in a 55) and I get to work 20 minutes late…then I find out why no one answered the phone – the state inspector was there, and had I been on time, I could have helped the center from being written up…then 2 hours later (the inspector was there all day) – the owner comes down with a document I apparently missed in my entry paperwork for my kids, and they were written up for that too.  😦

So then today rolls around – it was an okay morning, I was on time!  I had a guest speaker lined up for the school (a police lieutenant), and he showed up like 20 minutes early.  What is up with the 20 minute pattern??!?  I scramble to get everyone in the meeting room so he’s not standing around, and my son is really taken with the fact that he can see me in the crowd of kids – he keeps smiling and waving at me, inching closer, but not coming over – he’s getting used to the whole daycare thing (thankfully)!!

The lieutenant is speaking to the kids and they are really just oblivious – kind of dumbfounded – every chance they get they are telling him about their pets, their families, their bikes, etc – and then my son stands up and I look over at him, and he’s pantless.  My kid, out of all the 25 kids there, he’s the one who’s standing there with no pants on.  Great.  It wasn’t intentional, mind you, he’s got a tiny little waist and 2T pants are just too big for him waistwise but not lengthwise, but I had my head in my hands nonetheless.  The cop is like, “Who wants to be a cop when they grow up?”  Not one kid raised their hand but Gage is showing his diaper.  I was giggling with another teacher so hard that I was crying – if we didn’t laugh we would all go insane (in 20 minutes).


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